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Η Κ.Α.Ε. ΑΡΗΣ αισθάνεται την ανάγκη να ευχαριστήσει τους φίλους της ομάδας μας για τη χθεσινή εκπληκτική τους παρουσία, στο παιχνίδι με τον ΠΑΟΚ. Δίνουμε ραντεβού την Τετάρτη (02/10) στις 17:00 για το

ARIS B.C. announces the signing of Gary Talton (29, 1,85). The American guard has agreed to an one year deal. He played college basketball at Navarro College, Mountain View College and UIC. ARIS B.C.

ARIS B.C. announces the acquisition of Vladimir Dragicevic (33, 2,06). The Montenegrian power forward/center has signed an one year contract.

Dragicevic has played in many countries. He was a player

ARIS B.C. announces the one-year agreement with Jaylen Morris (25, 1,96). He was born in September 19, 1995. He can play both the guard and forward positions. Morris played college basketball for Moll

ARIS B.C. announces signing Djordje Gagic (29, 2,11) for the next year. He was born in December 28, 1990 in Benkovac, Croatia. He is a center who can also play as a power forward. He passed the most y

ARIS B.C. announces the one year agreement with Vaggelis Sakellariou (30, 1,93). He was born in August 4, 1989 and he plays as a shooting guard.

Last year, he was a player of Panathinaikos. Sakellari

Ο ΑΡΗΣ αντιμετώπισε σήμερα (14/09) τον Κολοσσό, σε φιλικό αγώνα προπονητικού χαρακτήρα, του πρώτου ενόψει της νέας σεζόν, που έγινε στο
“Nick Galis Hall”. Οι δυο προπονητές συμφώνησαν να μην κρα