Best young player, Papanikolaou

Best young player, Papanikolaou

The voting process held by ESAKE for the Media Representatives has been concluded for the title of the “Best Young Player” of the 2008-09 game season. The winner, with a great lead, was Kostas Papanikolaou, who rounded p 73 votes, while another two of our players were also in the top 20. Gaios Skordilis finished up in 11th place, and Linos Xrisikopoulos finished up in 18th place.


This important distinction of the three particular basketball players’ shows among other things the good work that is being done on ARIS for their progress, and the main goal is for them to become a great asset for the future.


The winner of the competition, Kostas Papanikolaou, spoke on the official ESAKE site from Melbourne where he is located at the moment with the National Youth team (U19) in preparation for the World Championship that will take place in Oakland New Zealand. For his own personal achievement he state: “What can I say? It is a great honor for me to be chosen and this news obviously brought me great joy. I would like to thank everyone that honored me with their vote. It is something that means a lot to me. On the other hand, this win does not mean anything if from my side if I do not work hard at maintaining this choice. I am still at the beginning and I still have to do a lot of work and keep my head low”.


The young ARIS player was able to win the European Championship last summer with the National Youth team, and this year he hopes to win the World Championship. At the same time, he has the privilege of wearing the yellow jersey, and he plans on taking advantage of every opportunity he will be given. “Most of the younger players are not given game time. It is a given. I can say that the practices with ARIS have helped a lot, because I played wi8th older and stronger players, but I do not have the experience of the game yet. This year I did not get any experience from the games, with exception of the games from the Youth team where we played and won the title” he stated, and concerning his call to win the World Championship in New Zealand he said: “Many people believe we are in the top, but we do not see it like that. We know that we have a good team and that we are good players, and we know that all of this can prove to be nothing in the end if we do not do what is needed on the floor. We want to win a medal in the World Championship but we know that it will not come with words. In this situation we must take action, win as many games as we can in the first round, and continue on in the same state of mind as we did last year: Game by game, we are able to stably build what we want”.

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