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Weaver: «Right attitude and work ethic»

Weaver: «Right attitude and work ethic»

Kyle Weaver is the newest addition to ARIS' roster and, quoting to, he expresses his eagerness for a great season. The American guard's interview:

How do you feel coming to Greece and ARIS;

«I feel great about coming to Greece. I have heard about the fans and tradition there and I am happy to be apart of it all. I am excited to be in a new country and establish myself with ARIS».

What is your information so far about ARIS? Did you talk to someone that played in the team, or Greece generally?

«Friends and teammates throughout my career have talked about how the fans are amazing here. I don’t know much about ARIS, but I have played with James Gist and Kyle Hines and they have experience in this league».

What are your personal and team goals for the upcoming season?

«Personal goal- bring a mindset that will allow me to learn but also improve my game as the season goes on. Team goal- I want to go give the team confidence that we can go as far as we want with the right attitude and work ethic».

Did the participation of ARIS in the Basketball Champions League motivated you to accept its offer?

«It was a bonus that ARIS is in the Champions League and it will give us a chance to compete at a high level against other great teams in Europe. This will also makes us stronger and more prepared for the Greek league».

Do you think that your European experience since 2010 will help you to adjust easier in the Greek League? What do you know about the league?

«This is my first year in the Greek league but I think I will adjust over time. Teams grow in a season and I think my experience will help me in the process».

You probably know that ARIS has some of the “craziest” fans in Europe. What is the message that you want to send to them for the upcoming season?

«I hope the fans are excited as I am. I appreciate the support they give us on and off the court. I believe another great season is on the way!».

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ARIS lands Kyle Weaver