ARIS BC seals the deal with Adrian Oliver

ARIS BC announces the transfer of the American guard Adrian Oliver for the next two years. He is 1,93m tall and he plays as shooting guard but can also help as point guard.


Who is who:
Andrian Oliver was born on March 31st 1988 at Modesto, California. He studied sociology in San Jose State’s University. The season 2009-10 he was one of the ten best scorers of the College Champion and on the season 2010-11 he was the 3rd best scorrer in NCAA with 24,0 ppg.

2006-07: University of Washington (NCAA): 32 games: 21.1 min, 4.7 ppg (37.7% fgp, 30.4% 3pt, 77.1% ft) 3.1 rpg and 2.2 apg.

2007-08: University of Washington (NCAA): 6 games: 9.7 min, 2.8 ppg (46.2% fgp, 44.4% 3pt, 100% ft) 1.5 rpg and 0.5 apg.

2008-09: San Jose State Spartans (NCAA): 18 games: 31.8 min, 17.1 ppg (43.3% fgp, 26.2%3pt, 75.3% ft) 2.3 rpg and 2.2 apg.

2009-10: San Jose State Spartans (NCAA): 31 games: 36.1 min, 22.5 ppg (43.7% fgp, 40.8% 3pt, 88.7% ft) 5.3 rpg and 2.9 apg.

2010-11: San Jose State Spartans (NCAA): 31 games: 35 min, 24.0 ppg (43.2% fgp, 40.9% 3pt, 82.3% ft) 5.3 rpg and 2.5 apg.


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